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Monday, 12 October 2015

[FREE] Flex 2 -v1.980.Deb Download

Flex 2 1.980 Deb is an incredible and very useful tweak for jailbreak users. Its functionality is of incredible type. As we all want something about the apps installed in our device. Until now only programmers were the one who can get through it. Well, this is the one tweak which can help you through. This application allows you to modify your apps and change their behavior. interestingly you can modify any thing you want to. This tweak is now available here on this blog for you iOS devices.

Flex 2 is fully compatible with both iOS 8 and ARM64-iDevices, but as mentioned, the developer has managed to maintain compatibility with both iOS 5 and iOS 6. The jailbreak app can be downloaded in the Cydia Store for $3.99 now.

Or Free

Important Information:

Current Version: 1.980
Requirements: iOS : 6, 7, 8 , 9 and up with iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

What’s New In Flex 2 v1.980:

  • Fixed expired root certificate error with connecting to the Cloud. 
  • Fixed bug on 7.x where app store apps wouldn't show up in Flex.
  • 8.3 Support
  • Fixed issue where installed apps wouldn't show up as listed on the Cloud

Flex 2 Features:

  • You can modify any thing regarding the applications in your device.
  • IN this tweak you can modify any argument a function is passed.
  • Now cloud to easier to navigate.
  • And lots of other features are there.


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