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Friday, 19 February 2016

Keyhook, controls the display of the iPhone and iPad from the Keyboard | Cydia

If you use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad or, somewhat less likely, if you do it with your iPhone or iPod Touch you can enjoy a new tweak in Cydia called KeyHook.

Keyhook lets you control your home screen with your Bluetooth keyboard, this includes: selecting, launching applications and move through your home screens.

Everything about the tweak KeyHook

Keyhook is proof reinventing concepts that can get to make tweaks specifically allowing this makes launching applications on your screen with a Bluetooth keyboard. You can use any keyboard, Apple's own and third, all work tremendously well.

The tweak seems to target users who typically use a Bluetooth keyboard with your device regularly, mainly for iPad users who use the keyboard to write documents in applications such as Microsoft Word or Pages, but of course not all users know them a little the touch pad that brings the iPad to work.

Obviously, the tweak will work on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but it is less likely that users of an iPhone using a Bluetooth keyboard with their devices, just as likely to use it to draft a document with its small screen. However, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard for typing documents on your iPhone in the same way you would on an iPad so this tweak does not exclude any device.

How does tweak KeyHook work?

The tweak is very easy to use: has commands to move the switch between applications, to go to dock applications and switch between home screens of your device.


With the arrow keys on your keyboard you can navigate between the application icons on your home screen.
If you press the Enter key on your keyboard you will throw the selected application.
Press Command (⌘) + the arrow keys on your keyboard to switch between the pages of the Home screen.
Press the Command (⌘) key and the keys 1-9 to select applications dock.

When using the Bluetooth keyboard to navigate between your applications, a selector on the application in which you're located will appear.

Is functional KeyHook the tweak?

Keyhook adds a rather interesting to iOS devices jailbreak functionality, however, its price ($ 1.99) raises a question: become a tweak of $ 1.99?

As commented by iDownloadBlog , arguably the most successful for this tweak because prices are $ 0.99, but adds an interesting feature, it is very limited. Although covering a field that many users of Bluetooth keyboards wish: to extend its functionality to the home screen.

Like everything, the views depend on views and in no way say that this tweak no worthwhile, but we would not be talking about him. We just seems a bit steep.

Review of tweak KeyHook

In iDownloadBlog have made a video review of this tweak, do not miss it!

Do you use a Bluetooth keyboard? What did you think of this tweak? What would you buy? Leave it in the comments!

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