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Monday, 30 May 2016

A Russian military officials and prohibit the use of WhatsApp, Telegram and Gmail

Finance has submitted a report on the priority of Russian purchases of software and hardware for President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The office proposes to prohibit officials and the military to conduct the work of foreign correspondence through mobile applications developers, reports "merchant", referring to the copy in the document.

"The restrictions can touch email Gmail from Google and popular instant messaging WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram, "says the publication.

Publication drew attention that could go on the loss of only мессенджерами than 2.5 million people audience.

"All people who work for the state, must understand that the loss of information while using the foreign language in a threat to his career. However, it is important that this information exclusively for internal use: for personal purposes can continue to use any software, "said Leonid Levin, head of the committee of the State Duma information policy.

The precise source among those offered by the ministry of measures, the establishment of the legal ban on the use of military and government officials for the transfer of emails with foreign employment purposes, including mobile applications smartphones.

One of the officials said that "the question of the use of foreign service for work correspondence rose, especially after numerous leaks of confidential information, organized by the group of hackers" Humpty Dumpty "(International Anonymous").

The representative of Finance has confirmed that for official purposes use only Russian chat is planned, this position aligned with Минкомсвязью, Минпромторгом and the Institute for the development of the Internet (iri).

In late April the creation messenger of public officials was discussed at the meeting the Presidential Adviser on the Internet herman Klimenko. Service concept Mail.Ru Group preparing and set the emitting source, the head of which he is Klimenko. In developing госмессенджера needs a minimum of $ 5 million

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