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Sunday, 29 May 2016

A screen with 806 ppi Samsung for VR

It has always been said that the human eye has a limitation when observing the resolution of a screen. This theoretical maximum is always placed in the 300 ppi. So many of us have witnessed the rise perplexed This parameter displays over time. We watched as screens, especially the high-end devices, first rose to more than 400 ppi, then the 500 and now at close to 600 ppi values. However, Samsung is preparing a screen that will reach 806 ppi, a screen for DayDream.

And is that Daydream, technology, virtual reality or VR submitted in the past Google I / O by the giant of the big G, you need spectacular requirements. These requirements will be so spectacular that almost 100% of terminals on the market will not be eligible for this technology.

One of these requirements is to improve the density of pixels of the display device. So Samsungestá about to present a screen that has 806 ppi, 5.5-inch screen with an amazing resolution of 2160 x 3840. You may not seem emasiado but we are talking about the denisdad of pixels of the new screen will be presented by Samsung will increase by 44.7% ..

Samsung DayDream screen with 806ppi

In addition to the improvement in the resolution of this screen, Samsung also improve some parameters, not as related to Daydream technology Google, but will improve the ergonomics of the screen as the new technology for the manufacture of these screens, which continue it being AMOLED type, reduce the amount of blue light from 32% to only 6%.

Just do not expect this screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, and at least have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S8 next year to see it mounted in a real and commercial terminal year. We leave you with a video where Samsung has shown its DayDream screen.

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