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Monday, 30 May 2016

Apple Extends the "Trade Up" to Spain, Italy and France Programme

Some time ago the US iPhone users have a recycling program for the smartphone and renewal , through which delivering an older model can get one of the new iPhone models with a small discount. This program today is still exclusive for US customers, but there is good news, is that the other program called "Trade Up" has opened its borders and is available in Spain, Italy and France.

Users of these three countries can now enjoy the "Trade Up", so that by giving your old smartphone can get your hands on the new iPhone through a payment plan 24 - month program for the iPhone. Here we have more details on the "Trade Up" program of the US company that is already available in our country.

"Trade Up", a different way to get your hands on the new iPhone

First of all I must say that the exact prices vary depending on the combination requested by each customer. For example, if a user in Italy decide to change your iPhone 5s 16GB for the new iPhone SE with the same storage capacity you would have to pay a fee of € 16.98 per month for 2 years.

Thus, the 16GB iPhone will cost a total of € 425.52, after applying the corresponding interest smartphone price. The "Trade Up" program is nothing more than a kind of loan managed by Apple as an intermediary that allows users to have the option to buy the iPhone paying a small monthly fee for a period of 24 months.

Apple financial partners for the "Trade Up" program vary by country and are Cetelem in Spain, Agos Ducato in Italy and Sofinco in France. On the other hand, I must say that the amounts of the monthly fee can also vary depending on the smartphone that is delivered.

This program "Trade Up" was unique in the United States so far, which were associated with Citizens Bank with an interest rate of 0%, which is really good. Yes, I must say that this program is not available in the online store, so you have to go to a physical Apple Store and manage to speak directly with one of the specialists.

Finally, from MacRumors comment that the "Trade Up" program will be available in Spain, Italy and France until next August 31, 2016. The program of renewal and recycling of the iPhone remains exclusive to the United States, but this plan it is a viable funding to make the new Apple smartphone alternative paying it in small monthly installments.

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