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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Changing the location of a Picture and Made

Although not all users know, the pictures we do from an iPhone not only contain image data, but also a lot of EXIF data saved. If we stopped to look at each of these data can be found when the photo was taken, the device used to take, focal length, exposure and location of where it was made, among other things.

The location of where the image is performed is saved through the coordinates as longitude and latitude, so we can use any mapping application like Google Maps or Maps Apple to find the place where the picture was taken. But while the iPhone 's camera is able to keep all this information in a very easy way, users do not have the ability to view or edit from the device itself, so if we want to change the location of where it was taken a photo, we need an application called Mappr.

Mappr is a free application that offers the ability to manually edit the location of a photo that is stored on the reel of our device or take a picture and select any of our preference. Also, for images that have been taken earlier, you can edit this information by opening the application, selecting a photo reel and choosing any location.

Its operation is quite simple and all you have to do is open Mappr and click the button on the camera to perform it at the time or choose some that have already been made ​​before to modify your information.

How it works Mappr

When selecting a photograph reel, a map that will show the current location of the file and we just look for the alternative location, press and hold your finger on until the marker is set in that area will open.

Once we have chosen the area of the map just we have to click on the share button and export it to Instagram or save it as a copy of the original in the camera roll. When we use the application to take the picture directly, we will ask us to select the location after it is done. Alternatively, instead of exploring the map for a different location, we have the possibility of using the search bar at the top to write one.

As you can read, it is quite simple to change the location of our photos with this application available in the App Store and, as we noted above, we can download for free. It is clear that if you are thinking install it on your iOS device, it is necessary that this be updated at least to version 7.0 and is also compatible with iPad.

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