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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Developers lose interest in the Apple Watch

We can not deny that the arrival of the first smartwatch boys apple raised expectations among users and that left no one indifferent. It is true that, in addition to lovers first wearable Apple , there are also those who see nothing new in it and that could be improved in many ways. But tastes nothing is written and everyone can make their own choice.

Now Realm, a company that provides mobile databases to about 100,000 application developers, said during a recent interview with Business Insider that their statistics show that developers are losing interest in Apple clock. Although this figure can catch many by surprise, others already see it coming that something might end up happening.

"On the basis of weekly data are seeing very few applications for Watch, compared with applications that keep coming to iOS," says Tim VP Anglade. "For every 1,000 new applications iOS under construction, there are 10 applications for TVOS and perhaps 1 application Watch ". This figure does not stop being curious considering the large market out there for this type of devices and users are increasingly conscious about their use.

Anglade says he can get to be a small "gold rush" around TVOS applications because it is a new platform, similar to that observed for the Watch when it first came out. It is believed that interest in the smart watch of the company are based in California will not return until it is unable to run applications without having to rely on an iPhone for it.

Recent statistics show that the watch Apple is a bestseller in the category of SmartWatch , but is still somewhat below other devices that are health oriented mainly due to the price difference. We'll see if the new version of Watch, which is expected to be presented later this year, is able to meet the demands of developers and thousands of users worldwide.

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