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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

First shown Accessories iPhone 7

Exposed in London Computers Unlimited has happened quite interesting, the manufacturer of accessories for mobile Cygnett has introduced a new series of designs cases crystal display. Affirming that these new designs are made for the future iPhone 7. We can see that they are genuine and based on current design specifications, but are far from confirmed by Apple.

No doubt that device manufacturers have decided to put the batteries to pre - empt the release of the new device, however, can not deny that it is quite strange that the new Apple device will follow the same lines of the iPhone 6s - would a big disappointment.

All indications are that Apple will continue with the same design

Interestingly, Cygnett used an iPhone 6s to show their new accessories. Not appear to have been able to use an iPhone 7 to create new designs, right? Putting new products together with the last two generations of the iPhone seems that the new iPhone will be distant little from their predecessors. If an iPhone 6s fits like a glove the case designed for the iPhone 7 seems that the size of the device will be very similar.

If you look at the screen saver, which will be placed on the iPhone screen to prevent damage, we see two holes for sensor near the earpiece. Despite being a bit odd, the iPhone 7 will have two sensors in the place where the iPhone 6s have one. However, it is also speculated that this is due to an error in manufacturing - is quite interesting taken into account.

Users do not want an iPhone without innovation

Apple has decided to choose to keep the design "works" is quite striking, considering the result - if it is not negative, it is not very positive - on sales of the iPhone 6s. Will Apple willing to risk a new cycle both devices?

What do you think? Would you buy an iPhone in July identical (aesthetically) the iPhone 6? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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