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Sunday, 29 May 2016

How to reduce data usage in Android

Today we show how to reduce data usage in Android so you learn not to despise not one thing in your monthly fee.

Today we live connected and is a fact that a large percentage of the population goes out with your smartphone always on hand. Whether to use WhatsApp - Telegram, watch videos, listen to podcasts and a long list that includes the huge range of possibilities that means internet. Now, if we can not handle us end up with our rate in the blink of an eye, so today we will teach you some tricks that will teach you how to reduce data usage in Android.

How to reduce data usage in Android

Opera Max

For starters, Opera Max encrypts all data from our apps once it detects that we are connected through our data rate, considerably reducing the use we make of them. It is an application that is also very easy to use, takes almost nothing and gives us a great versatility. Anything else?

Data Econimizador

Google's own Chrome browser has an option that will be very useful and will also help us to drastically reduce our use of our data rate.

  • It's as easy as opening the browser, go to Settings.
  • Once we are in settings we go to advanced settings and activate the economizer data option.

Mini opera

Opera Mini is a great time to propose to save on our data rate option. Its use requires only a few packets of data, which are tiny in proportion, as long as we want is just surfing the net.

Avoid streamings

Yes, we agree, and streamings to watch videos while we're on the train or bus is something great and greatly enlivened the travel. But you must be that the resolution at which they consume an enormous amount of data which will devour your rate in a matter of time.

The best option if you want to keep watching videos and streamings is that you reduce the transmission quality, as it will be more suckle per se. You better watch videos at lower resolution and greater longevity bet to see any videos and run out rate in a plis plas.

Upgrade Apps only Wi-fi

Update applications (especially if they are games) is highly recommended to do so only via wi-fi, as the use made of your data is sometimes huge. Although sometimes we do not want, it is best to disable automatic updates and leave it for when we're at home or in a trusted wireless network.

And with that I hope you have served this article on how to reduce data usage in Android. Remember that we love to read your comments, so feel free to leave your opinion in the box below

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