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Monday, 30 May 2016

IOS 10 Functions 5 should Copy to Android N

The next generation of iPhone and its new version of the operating system the user wait with bated breath. While, on the other side of the shore, Android N has surprised us with great functions that many of us , followers of the Cupertino, we would like to see made ​​reality in our iPhone or iPad. Improvements Android system brings maintain in a state of excitement, not only to users of the Google system. So what would you want to teach those features that iOS Android 10 should copy him to N as soon as possible.

split screen on iPhone

Apple already offers this feature in iOS, but is reserved for iPad. Google allows users to take advantage of this feature on their smartphones with the latest version of your system, and can be very useful on mobile with large screens, and our iPhone 7 Plus and the will . How many times you were watching a video and you they have sent a message and you wanted to answer it without stopping to watch it ? with this feature would be possible.

Scaled screen

Apple has trouble getting a good scaling by default in iOS. For most users icons, text, buttons, and other aspects of the interface are not sufficiently large or small. But nobody is entirely happy. Therefore, Apple released two versions of iPhone. Android N, Google gives the user the possibility to choose between 5 different screen escalations, and all this without hacking the terminal.

Upgrading the system in the background

When a new system update arrives on iOS, we all know that his appearance will not be very different from today, nothing exciting. Downloads the data packet, waits, your terminal prepares to install, reboot, and voila. Android N, since it has two partitions even with no microSD slot, all updates are downloaded and installed without restarting mobile. It is one of the biggest changes in the new version.

Applications snapshots (Instant Apps)

While the above may be the best feature of the new version of Android, this could be disputed that position. Say you're on Facebook or Twitter watching the latest posts, and see a link to an app that we have installed and we want to see now how it works. With Instant Apps, can open the app without first downloading it . Not all Android apps currently support this feature, but in the future yes.

Support for Unicode 9.0

Believe it or not, Android N has even more Emoji iOS. Google platform used to go to the tail in this regard, but the new version has been upgraded to Unicode 9.0. Currently, iOS is stuck in the Unicode 7.0 version. However, all functions of this list, the latter will soon see the light in iOS in October . It is almost officially confirm.

We do not doubt that Android N is a great operating system, and that is outperforming every passing year. On the other hand, although iOS not reach 10 in some of these features, we are sure that will be a reference in the future. For its part, Apple will renew iMessage , which is good for most, but not for those who do not use this service. Users continue pestering some features we'd like to see in the not too distant future iOS.

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