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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Jarvis used in Facebook Messenger for Create Reminders

Telegram was the first service to incorporate instant messaging bots, a tool that can be very useful, is that in addition to existing can create your own. Among other things there on time, translators, to create packages of stickers, to do surveys ...

Well, Facebook did not want to stay behind and has recently decided to incorporate his first chatbot in your app Messenger. The company's most used social network in the world announced early last month incorporating these chatbots to Facebook Messenger and Jarvis is one of the first to arrive, but do not get your hopes up because it's not like Jarvis from Iron Man.

CP Today we tell you how you can take advantage Jarvis, since this chatbot can be used to create reminders directly from Facebook Messenger conversation in the blink of an eye. Let's go there!

"Jarvis, remind the meeting tomorrow afternoon"

By the time the bot Jarvis Facebook Messenger is quite simple. The first time you establish a conversation with him will ask the place where you are to set the time zone and then can send a message saying something like "remind me to the meeting tomorrow afternoon" or "remind me to buy bread tomorrow morning "and the bot will create the reminder.

On the other hand, you can also write "help" Jarvis for several options to check your reminders or change your time zone if needed. As you see the bot Jarvis is very simple to use and can create reminders you want easily in seconds.

As the guys say Lifehacker , for now Jarvis does not seem to be more powerful than you can set reminders with Google or Siri OK. However, it is a clear way of showing what Facebook and chatbots can do.

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