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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Measuring Our Level Listening with Mimi Hearing

For some time here we have seen how Apple has slowly been showing interest in everything related to the issue of health . But did you know that the iPhone can also be converted into a tool to perform a hearing test?

As you read it , this is possible thanks to an application that you find in the App Store called Mimi Hearing Test. Thanks to this test you will know quickly and easily how your hearing level, and it takes to give the first results just 2 minutes.

First of all I must say that Mimi Hearing Test is not an application that serves to diagnose, prevent or monitor a medical condition. So if you think you suffer hearing loss is best to consult with a doctor or specialist.

What it offers and how it works Mimi Hearing Test for iPhone

This application provides the user with a quick hearing test that will give you detailed information about your hearing. Mimi Hearing Test provides results in four different ways:

  • Hearing age, or what is the same, how many years have your ears.
  • Hearing profile, showing how such hear different specific frequencies.
  • Auditory map that shows which lower volumes than you are able to hear.
  • Banana speech, how about listening specific speech sounds, such as sound certain consonants.

On the other hand, I must say that Mimi Hearing Test is not an application that is limited only to check your hearing level. It also has a feature called Mimi Player that lets you test how it feels to hear better.

To perform the hearing test is best to be in a calm place where there is no noise, connect your headphones to the iPhone and start the quick test. Mimi Hearing Test will beep one of the headphones and listen as soon as you press the corresponding button.

If you want more detailed data is best to do the test precision, in which various shades will be issued. The procedure is the same, but you must keep listening as long as you hold the sound button.

Finally, say that currently Mimi Hearing Test has certain limitations, and that is only calibrated for use EarPods Apple headphones and earbuds. The accuracy of the results depends on the headphones used, and the ambient noise is at the time of the test.

Mimi Hearing Test download on your iPhone

If you want to know what your level of hearing do not wait longer and download Mimi Hearing completely free from the App Store or by clicking on the link beneath these lines. It Requires iOS 9 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but is not optimized for tablet screen.

What andas ear? Do you hear to the flight of a fly or there are things that escape you? Tell us what have been the results so in the comments!

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