Moxi company before year-end launch a smartphone that can be wrapped around the wrist

This may be the turning year in the history of the screen, if the market really will be available the first devices with flexible displays. This week the company Moxi Group announced plans to launch a smartphone, обвивающий wrist. The manufacturer intends to until the end of 2016 to market 100,000 of these devices.

The smartphone-shaped bracelet will cost 5,000 yuan, or $ 765. Moxi is read as "Moe-shi" and the Chinese language is the reduction of the key to the secret of the flexibility of its smartphone refers графен used on the screen. Графен, as is known, it is one of the most promising materials, which can create blade, resistant and transparent electronics. It is assumed that until the phone will display in black and white, the color version will be released next year.

"In black and white phone to make it easy, - said the executive vice president of the company Чуншэн yu. - Energy consumption of color, also higher than that of black and white pattern. We start selling in China, and if it is demand from abroad, we go. "

The director of Human Media Lab of the Canadian Queen's University, five years ago has proven flexible prototype phone itself, believes that technology "electronic paper" is not perfect, but because light colors, sharpness low and see the video is simply impossible.

Group executive vice president of Moxi Чуншэн yu, however, said the technology very different from above because it uses the most advanced features of the touch screen.
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