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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

New feature Lightning Headphone Adapters

Rumors suggest that the new iPhone will see in the coming months will reach the market without connector headphone port, leaving this feature connector lightning. Apple thus allowing the work to reduce the thickness of its smartphones.

There is no doubt that this decision leaves a strange taste to users, because although not all have Bluetooth headsets, maybe if dispongamos of good headphones that need the 3.5 mm minijack connection.

As expected, before the outcome of this rumor mill, a company has been released and has brought to light the early adapters Lightning-to-headphone.

If the minijack connector disappears we have no reason to scare

Tama Electric is currently announcing three adapters Lightning to headphones, two of which include micro USB connector to charge your device while use headphones.

There are a handful of headphones with Lightning connection currently available in the market, but the Lightning connector adapters 3,5mm is not sold under the certification of Cupertino. Presumably, if Apple launches the iPhone future 7 without the 3.5mm connector the same company or authorized dealers may offer some certified adapters for headphones.

They are not for sale

New accessories of the company Tama are not yet available for purchase, have no defined price. Possibly, these products are more responsive to the definition of "concept" or mockup are not made ​​under the Apple certification.

Do not forget that products using the minijack connector must be certified Apple to avoid any problems in use, and that if he had to be covered by the company bite the apple - as they have been they who have allowed use.

Another rumor suggests that the company is working on a Bluetooth EarPods that would be connected and would carry through a connection to the connector Lightning. - Similar to the concept of Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro is expected that this device is sold by separately, while the iPhone would have a traditional EarPods with Lightning connector on your box.

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