The back of the iPhone 7 Filter Rose Gold -


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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The back of the iPhone 7 Filter Rose Gold

It seems that every week a new component of the future iPhone 7 filters, allowing gradually get used to the idea of what the new terminal of the company bite the apple.

Whether it is a diagram, a rendering based on real schemes, or a real image - which photographer says it is - a rumor that the iPhone 7 will look almost as if reaffirms younger brother.

The back of the iPhone in July

Here is another metal plate. Unlike others we have seen, this does not have the camera module installed so you do not have a ring that protrudes from the chassis. But what if you can see is the size of the gap where this will go.

Although this is not all we see, the plastic bands have been moved to the ends of the terminal, eliminating the intermediate lines of these - something that became moody many users of the iPhone 6 and 6s.

From what we can see in the picture this chassis does not have the bite of the apple symbol so we can deduce that is taken out of the production process of the same - already announced that they would begin manufacturing it very soon.

There is no doubt that this is only a possibility and it may be a fake but all images are welcomed to feed our curiosity about the future Apple device.

It raises questions

This image creates many doubts we face all future iPhone rumors launched in July, where the Smart Connector is? Will finally dual camera? Everything we will not see in the iPhone 7 will be on the iPhone 7 Plus - or Pro - We will be more than accommodating to all future rumors to bring them here, to CP

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