The top 5 of the most highly placed on Apple -


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Sunday, 29 May 2016

The top 5 of the most highly placed on Apple

Apple love their programmers. And it's not a surprise what programmers are at the top of the most highly personal computing US electronics giant. But the Cupertino company needs more than just programming. And Apple is willing to pay much top to any type of units, which speaks of updated information from Glassdoor.

Information on the salaries of specialists based Apple data anonymous, who shared former and current employees of the corporation.

Engineer ($ 121,900 in the year)

Software engineer - one of the most valuable of vacancies in Apple. In addition to the brilliant knowledge of languages ​​Swift, Objective C and Java programming, the employee must have the capability of testing and maintenance of software. Apple gives preference to application developers for iOS, with good communication skills and writing. In addition, Apple engineers should be able to solve complex problems. That's why the company is known for its complex дразнилками for the brain in interviews. But it seems that wages compensate for this.

Project Manager ($ 106,600)

Project manager at Apple is the managing director of a group of functional projects, it allows quick guides and controls the execution of the activities carried out under the project. The high level of income is easy to explain. Under conditions of permanent intensifying competition, especially relevant are preparing unexpected turns of events and the capacity of literacy managers to anticipate, plan and manage change.

executive manager ($ 84,000)

Cargo manager at Apple - and one of the highest paid. Man, successfully, the student seeking business customers, product sales, organization of public relations events always campaigns in one account, since its action largely depends on the size of Apple's earnings . executive manager organizes or directs other specialists in the field of sales. The salary of a good employee of Apple completely comparable to the salary of a successful private entrepreneur.

The marketing manager ($ 144,171)

The marketing director's are highly paid in Apple. The activities of the employee represents the work with the application of knowledge of legislative acts of the commercial and business activity of the market situation. The manager takes place due to company policy, knows all the implemented features Apple products, is responsible for the strategy and the development of corporate identity, sales promotion of products, including promoting media Communication.

Product Manager ($ 130,500)

This specialist responds to Apple for creating new products, market analysis, our pricing policy, promotion of a product. It is the second payment level position in the company. The employee actively interacts with sales, marketing, technical assistance, production, research and development department. Their task is to understand the value of a new consumer product, ensuring its profitability and market introduction. The placement of the managers involved in sales and almost every stage of the project. Apple does not make many new gadgets on the market, so its value to the company at the top.

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