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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Tim Cook has not fallen into the top 200 of the most highly of CEOs in the United States

Apple is the most expensive public company in the world, but when it comes to the change of CEO Tim Cook did not even enter the top 200 of the highest-paid leaders in the world.

According to data from The New York Times, the average compensation of CEOs in 2015 was reduced by 15% to $ 19.3 million is about US companies with annual revenues above $ 1 000 million of the Corporation, Tim Cook has gained much more, however, this has not been reflected in their salary.

In the past year, the head of Apple increased its revenues in the position of head of only $ 10.3 million salary Base cook increased by 14.4% and totaled US $ 2 million compensation and bonus increased by 19% to $ 8 million, however, he is earning much less than the highest paid managers in the United States.

First place in the rating with the reward of $ 94.6 million took the Gift of Expedia Хосровшахи hotel reservation system. In the second line the head of the American broadcasting network CBS, leslie Мунвис, was his annual salary in 2015 was US $ 56.4 million in the third place - the CEO Vlacom felipe Дауман, earn $ 54.1 million from

It is noteworthy that Tim Cook wins is not only senior executives of other companies in the US, but much less than the most highly managers Apple. The largest of the fees in the past year received the vice president of retail stores online angela Арендс ($ 25.8 million). The CFO of the company Luca Maestri cattle per year $ 25.3 million, increasing its reward by 81%.

Note that if in 2015, Tim Cook earned $ 10.3 million in 2014, his salary was $ 9.22 million thus has doubled its revenues compared to 2013. A year before one year wage Apple CEO Tim Cook was $ 95 million Four years ago, the CEO topped the list of highest-paid leaders of corporations in the United States.

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