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Monday, 30 May 2016

Walk developers losing interest in building applications for the Apple Watch

Apple since early this year has had several problems, starting with the fall in sales in the first quarter of the year, which caused a drop in stocks on Wall Street, also include the many failures that were found in the constant updates of its (mainly iOS) operating systems and now it seems that developers are losing interest in building applications for the Apple Watch, where technology company based in Cupertino decided that the smartwatch is a totally independent from the iPhone as their applications device.

Realm, is a company that provides mobile database of about 100,000 application developers, so their statistics show that they are losing interest in developing applications for Apple clock.

"On a weekly basis, we are seeing very few watch applications, compared with iOS applications , " says Vice President Tim Anglade. "For every 1,000 new applications iOS under construction, there are 10 applications for TVOS and maybe 1 app for Smart watch"

Anglade says there as a little "gold rush" in the apps for TVOS, because it is a new platform, similar to that seen when the Apple Watch out for the first time. It is believed that interest in the smart watch Apple will not back up until you can run applications independently, without an iPhone.

Recent statistics show that Apple watch is the bestseller in the category Smartwatch, but is still below the most basic health oriented units, due to the price difference.

Still, it is expected that a new relaunch of Apple Watch, significant improvements as better battery life and better capacity and processing speed are achieved, along with the feature to run applications independently.

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