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Friday, 10 June 2016

19 phones worth $16k were taken away from the SoHo store

iPhones worth $66,000 have been stolen from retail stores in New York by thieves dressed as Apple Store staff in two separate thefts.
While 67 iPhones worth almost $50k were stolen from Apple’s Upper West Side store in March, 19 phones worth $16k were taken away from the SoHo store last week.
According to the police, same thieves may have done the robbery in both cases. Gizmodo reports that they seem to have carried out a thorough research before perfecting the theft.
The Upper West Side location, where employees used to be trained, is a prime target as a new person wearing the uniform may not be recognized easily.
“It’s clear that these thieves know their way around an Apple store. In all the robberies, the suspects “dressed similarly” to Apple employees, walking directly to the drawers where brand-new, unlocked iPhones were stored.”
“And the Upper West Side location is a particularly smart target since it’s used to train employees-an unfamiliar face wearing the uniform wouldn’t stick out.”
The new uniform concept could be to blame for the stealing. Due to the wide variety of shirts, which are now allowed, it’s very difficult to recognize who does or doesn’t work in the retail store.
“A new uniform concept for Apple employees introduced by Apple’s senior VP of retail might be to blame for the robberies. In 2015, Angela Ahrendts announced her vision for uniforms called “Back to Blue… But All New” which introduced several different styles of shirts for employees to wear.”
In order to prevent such incidents from being repeated time and again, Apple must bring a stringent rule. There have been quite a few cases in the past as well when unknown people posed themselves as Apple employee.
The Investigation is still going on. Until the truth behind the robbery comes out in the open nothing can be said with confidence.
One thing is crystal clear that thieves have become very clever and know everything about how the retail stores work. Hence, it’s high time Apple became smarter to see through their modus-operandi.

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