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Friday, 24 June 2016

4 Tricks to take advantage of the Touch ID on iPhone and iPad

The Touch ID is gradually expanding its borders, for example , recently we told in CP that Apple Pay finally reaches Safari with confirmation through fingerprint sensor . The Touch ID has many possibilities and today we have four tricks that will serve to get a little more for this component of your iPhone or iPad.

If we look back you will see how Apple introduced the fingerprint sensor for the first time on the iPhone 5s in 2012. The Touch ID initially had the function to identify the user through the fingerprint, thus increasing the safety of the device .

On the other hand, it is also very useful to accelerate certain processes that normally would take some more time, for example enter the Apple ID password in the App Store. Subsequently they have joined other functions such as authorizing payments made via Apple Pay.

Get the most advantage of the Touch ID of your iOS device!

Apple is working to develop, expand and consolidate its fingerprint sensor. Today, what you can actually do with the Touch ID?

Then we leave you with some tips of things you can do with the Touch ID and possibly not know you could do. Let's go there!

1. Record multiple tracks

The Touch ID allows you to register more than one fingerprint so you can unlock the device comfortably regardless of whether you have it on the table or hand. To add another footprint just go to Settings - Touch ID and code, where you have to click "Add" plus you can also rename them to know what each.

2. Create a password to protect your notes

You can create notes through the Apple application notes and then protect with Touch ID. All you have to do is start a new note, enter the information and then click on the open padlock icon that appears in the upper right corner of the screen to lock.

3. Scan the trace of someone you trust (emergency)

Maybe this trick will sound strange, but nothing is further from reality. And in case of emergency it would be good that someone you trust has access to your iPhone or iPad, because you never know what can happen. To add a trace of another person the process is the same as number one in the trick.

4. Faster access to your money

Finally, from iDropNews they told that although it is not a "universal" feature, most reputable banking institutions have begun to integrate the use of Touch ID in their applications. PayPal, Bank of America, La Caixa and many already allow users to be identified through the Touch ID, so that is much faster access to bank information if you have to get the username and password.

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