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Friday, 24 June 2016

40 curiosities that we have learned about technology through 40 graphic

Through multiple studies we can know the current state of technology. Here we show you 40 curiosities, data and technology trends. A review to better understand the impact on society with mobile and applications.

The data and graphs have been obtained from three separate studies this year: Comscore, KPCB and Ericcson. Some of the surveys have been carried out only in the US but just serve to understand the message they transmit. Other data itself are more global and directly affect our countries. We believe that we will be reflected in the majority.

1. Google and Facebook dominate the top application

The most used applications in the US and the fastest growing. We see a clear dominance of Facebook and Google, with a huge growth of Spotify, Walmart and Google Drive. We miss WhatsApp, an application in USA lags behind Facebook Messenger.

2. Buy a mobile in Ethiopia represents 47.6% of GDP per person

In the first world countries to buy a mobile it represents less than 1% compared to per capita GDP. However in countries fewer developers have access to this technology typically represents between 10 and 20%, reaching 47.6% in the case of Ethiopia. Places where only the elite of the country can access the smartphones.

3. The average price of Android decreases by 4% but there is a 7% more devices

More and more mobile Android. They have grown by 7% to reach 81% market share. The average price is at $ 208, logical considering that there are phones to suit all tastes and budgets.

4. Notifications, in perspective

Send a notification is one of the best methods that have applications to capture our attention. 11% always read and 9% always discarded. Users accept them in perspective.

5. 27% of users do not have your most used application on the main screen

In a study for users of all systems and in the US, but the truth is that not everyone has a shortcut to your application most used on the main screen.

6. Adblock soar

Users are fed up with ads that fill the entire screen and interrupt the reading experience. So the rise of adblock has soared in recent years, mainly in mobile.

7. 80% of the time we spend in just 3 apps

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Or Twitter, telegram and chrome. The study shows that we have installed an average of 33 applications, of which we use usually about 12 but really 80% of the time had only three applications. Facebook, WhatsApp and Chrome.

8. Ten home electronic devices

If the smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, SmartTV, other mobile ... the average rises to 10 devices per house. In households with two members of the number of devices per person is 5. Match?

9. Less video from the TV and from the mobile

Another fact that is also not surprising, we see less TV and more from the smartphone especially young people in four years have increased by 85% its time.

10. A growing number of apps that exceeds 20 million users

Audiences grow and the number of applications has a huge number of users continues to increase. Good sign that you can be successful with your application.

11. Applications of millennials

What do millennials? Well, watch videos of Youtube, Facebook look and listen to music.

12. Youtube continues to grow at an impressive rate

Youtube is the place most used by young people, but their data astonish. Continues to grow at an unbeatable rate; with an increase of 90% on tablets in the last twelve months.

13. Voice Attendees also grow

They are more accurate, have been connected to more applications and are on everyone's lips. Voice assistants like Google Home, Siri or Cortana are taking off.

14. The technology bubble

Many say that we are in a situation similar to the bubble ".com" but the truth is that the level of IPOs has slowed this past year. Many companies like Twitter are not going well in the markets and that has delayed outputs like Spotify or Snapchat.

15. 480MB video data per month

The average video data consumed by users has almost doubled in a year and is likely to continue that progression. 480MB of 1GB or 2GB offered by operators will stop the video. And we went up to 3GB when we are via WiFi.

16. Roku and Chromecast devices to send most used TV

Nobody will be surprised to see that social networks are what take up more time on the phone, but only 11% is dedicated to games. Outscored the radio.

18. The autonomous cars have increasingly tou

The work of Google and Tesla is having much impact, but also travel on the road. Tesla users have come to 100 million miles with the autopilot activated, meanwhile Google cars have also started to roll alone.

20. We spend more on mobile data for social networks to surf the web

22. Asia will become the region with more mobile traffic

Asia will increase their consumption data three times and would become the region with the world's busiest in 2021, leaving behind other continents in consumption smartphones but ahead in quantity since their population is much higher .

23. smartphone 6.3 billion for 2021

Interesting plot with a lot of data about what is expected for 2021. The technology will continue its unstoppable rise, despite having stabilized in recent years.

24. The most powerful Internet companies

Apple and its huge amount of cash. Google / Alphabet and its advertising empire and Amazon and its enormous revenues. A list of the largest Internet companies where we see some like Uber and Xiaomi with exceptional ratings. They are not added some giants like Intel, Microsoft or Samsung.

28. Thus evolved interaction with computers

Computers, these machines increasingly beautiful Turing. We started pressing keys and we have moved to contact them through the voice. A surprising evolution and do not know how will the next ten years.

32. Only 13% of devices support LTE Cat 9

Advances in technology are enormous LTE, operators have put the batteries when they have seen that this battlefield can give you many benefits. However, the devices must also be updated and now there are not many that support the most advanced.

33. WhatsApp, the fastest growing social app

Comparisons are odious but WhatsApp takeoff is amazing. Nothing to do with others like Twitter or Instagram. Eye-catching growth of Facebook Messenger but normal knowing that the social network is forcing users to use. As fans of Telegram hope that in the coming years also strain in these graphs.

40. We do not want to sell our data

What concerns us most is selling our data, but the fact is that our desire to know mainly purchase the websites we visit. There are many arguments to defend privacy, here we can see which ones have more weight.

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