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Thursday, 23 June 2016

5 Free Games More Successful App Store

The App Store is full of fascinating games, and all categories. There are action games, RPG games, multiplayer games, adventure games ... There is much to choose from!

Recently you were recommending a collection of 5 new games for the weekend , and a few days ago we invited you to try 10 games from the App Store to not move the couch . On this occasion, we present the 5 most popular games for iPhone and iPad.

We have searched the App Store and we wanted to share with you the five games that currently are at the top of the ranking of the iOS app store. We started!

Top 5 most popular games in the App Store


Slither.io viral is one of those games whose addiction lies in its simplicity. It is a game very similar to Agar.io in which players must roll up their rivals by controlling a worm in a frantic, exciting and fun multiplayer mode.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is the spin-off of the acclaimed game Clash of Clans . In Clash Royale you'll fight in epic battles multiplayer online opponents from around the world, create your own clan, level up your units ... A great game!

Online Head Ball

This game reminded us much to Head Soccer , the official game of La Liga. The gameplay is good, and the gameplay is very simple. You have to control a head jumping and moving back and forth in order to score a goal in the goal.

Slip Away

Slip Away is perhaps the surprise of this collection. Your goal will be to dodge all kinds of obstacles while driving a bright jellyfish on the sea bottom. Highly recommended!

Cup Football Championship

And we continue with another football game, note that we are in full Euro, Football Cup Championship is a very similar to title Timberman , we must control passes through "taps" on the screen of the iPhone and iPad to reach the goal and score a goal. Very retro, very cool!

Undoubtedly, with these games for iPhone and iPad, you'll have an entertaining and very enjoyable time. But there are many more in the App Store ... What game would you include in this collection? What is your favorite? Have you tried these popular games already on your iPhone or your iPad?

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