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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

5 Reasons why you should happen to leave iOS and Android

As we all know, iPadizate is a blog dedicated to all the news of Apple and its devices. However, many of our fans have Android smartphones, which is a great operating system, but today we are going to give you 5 reasons why you should switch from Android to iOS.

The struggle between iOS and Android has always been there, it is true that the two operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and the fierce competition between Apple and Google always benefit us, the users; by prices, technology, etc.

However, if we put both operating systems on a scale, we believe that iOS has much more to offer than Android, and user experience it provides is much more complete, not to mention the excellent relationship between software and hardware that enable devices from Apple…

Why should I switch from Android to iOS?

iOS 10

After the WWDC, one of the main reasons to switch from Android to iOS is the arrival of the new version of Apple 's mobile operating system. The company has introduced major improvements, and after its official launch in September (next to the iPhone 7), iOS 10 will provide a new system enriched Notifications, a Center fully renovated Control, great functions Messages, integration of third - party applications Siri, and more.


It has always been said, Android is a more customizable operating system, but iOS is much more stable and fluid operating system. Moreover, according to my personal experience, and in my opinion, iOS design is more elegant, without neglecting the Design Material Google . Thanks to the perfect cohesion between the software and hardware Apple, iOS has better optimization, stability, and performance Android.


If you think iOS and Android operating systems are quite similar and you like equally, one of the main reasons to switch from Android to iOS are definitely new Apple devices. The huge 12.9 inch iPad Pro, iPad Pro 9.7 inches, the iPhone 6s, iPhone, or iPhone 7 will be launched in September have design and impressive power. And, face it, is not the same surf the web in a beautiful iPad Pro to do it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab ...


Yes, Apple has developed a closed operating system, sometimes too limited. But this is redefined to offer users a full exclusivity, both accessories and devices, services like Apple iCloud or Pay, and even applications. So, if you spend Android to iOS, you enjoy something unique, unique, exclusive.

These were the reasons why, we believe, should move from Android to iOS. But this does not mean we think Android is a bad or outdated operating system, just the opposite, and if you decide to stay in Android, we'll keep giving you all the latest Apple delighted.

Additionally, there are other reasons why you might change your operating system: Siri, Apple Pay, 3D Touch, Touch ID, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomeKit ... What reasons do you include you? What operating system do you think is better? ¿IOS or Android? Do you have an Android tablet? Or an Android smartphone? Tell us what you think!

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