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Sunday, 5 June 2016

6 Easy Tricks to get the best photos with iPhone

Did you know that the iPhone's camera is the most used in the world when it comes to sharing photos on certain platforms like Instagram or Flickr? With the iPhone you can get really amazing images and for that you have a number of tricks that will be of great help to make them even better.

Apple has never wanted to enter the war to see who has the camera with more megapixels the market, but if they get significant improvements to software and hardware level with increasing the quality of the images. But we not entertain us and we will tell you some tricks or tips that you should consider if you want even better results when taking photos with your iPhone.

Catch the perfect time with these tricks for the iPhone!

Clean the camera lens

With everyday dirt and dust can accumulate on the lens, which could make photographs as well as they should not see. For this reason it is not a little more clean with a soft cloth every so often.

Adjusts exposure manually

The application of the iPhone's camera allows you to focus on the area that you want by clicking on it, but also sets exposure based on it. However, iOS has a touch exhibition regulator which can be very useful because you only have to tap the screen to focus and then slide your finger up or down along the yellow box to adjust the exposure.

Use the HDR

The HDR or high dynamic range images capture three images sequentially, each with a different exposure which is then automatically combined by the camera app iPhone. The result is an image with perfect lighting that best fits what the eye sees, although some such photographs are somewhat saturated.

Use the grid

The grid is a tool that helps you to frame properly or ensure that the objects are properly aligned, for example. These lines will guide you easily to compose the image and can be activated in Settings> Photos & Camera> Grid.

Use the volume buttons to take pictures

Admittedly take pictures with any mobile can be an ordeal at times to press the touch screen button, resulting in slightly blurred images. Apple has the solution and allows users to take pictures using the volume buttons on the side, which is much more comfortable both for pictures with the main camera as with the front.

Edit your photos!

Finally, once you just take a picture you might want to improve something or give a more personal touch. iOS 9 features a number of tools to edit and improve the quality of your images in the Photos app, among which you can find some related to editing the basic color, balance of light or red-eye reduction, among others. Simply click on the photo you want to retouch and click on the upper right corner "Edit".

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