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Thursday, 30 June 2016

9 Incredible New iOS 10 features for iPad

Apple unveiled the main novelties of iOS 10 earlier this month, but did not elaborate much on new functions and features that accompany this release the iPad. Users of Apple tablet will enjoy some very interesting features of iOS 10 when officially arrives next fall.

Here we have some of the new features included in iOS 10 for the iPad, which will see are a few. Yes, it is possible that some are limited to the newer models, but that is yet to be confirmed.

New IOS 10 for iPad

1. Split View three screens for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch

IOS users 10 12.9 - inch iPad Pro will enjoy three display panels by putting the tablet in landscape mode with Mail and Notes apps. You imagine being able to see your inboxes, emails and messages all at the same time?

2. Swift Playgrounds app for iPad

At WWDC 2016 Apple unveiled Swift Playgrounds, an application for the ideal place to teach younger users essentially encoding Swift code apps using the iPad.

3. Split View mode for the lock screen

With the iPad horizontally, iOS 10 you will see the lock screen split in two. On one side and notifications they appear in other media panel.

4. Assist in Notes

The Notes app will also undergo changes in iOS 10 for the iPad. Now when you click on the New button "Add people" you can invite others to share and edit your projects you have in the Notes app on your tablet.

5. Turn the iPad into a Smart Hub home

With the new iOS app HomeKit 10 soon you can control your HomeKit enabled devices from your iPhone or iPad. When the iPad is connected to the WiFi network you will be able to act as a hub from which you can view, manage and regulate all HomeKit devices.

6. Dual screen proactive

iOS 10 will have a new lock screen with widgets view in which the slide to the right can access new widgets for specific notification of an application and more. In the iPad in landscape mode you will see two screens, one on each side, without swiping.

7. Redesign app News and new interface for Apple Music

News apps and Apple Music have undergone a change in iOS . 10 now have new optimized themes that look perfect on the iPad.

8. unlimited tabs in Safari

IOS 9 is possible to open up to 36 tabs in the Safari browser. Well, in iOS 10 that limit would disappear and the user can open all tabs you want.

9. Split screen in Safari

The new iPad models that support iOS divinities screen 10 will have a new feature. This will open two tabs of Safari at once, one on each side of the screen.

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