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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Case Get an iPhone Run Android

Have you ever imagined you had the iPhone running a version of Android? A hacker has managed to create a housing when connected to iPhone screen makes Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is displayed.

Nick Lee is a big fan of piracy and hacker. Without going any further, one of his last achievements was to load Windows 95 in the Apple Watch , which is not at all helpful but it is still striking concept level.

Well, now Lee has gone one step further and created a housing able to overcome the technical limitations of the iPhone. Thanks to this and a third party application may run Android iPhone, as we show below.

¿Android on an iPhone?

As you can see in the video that appears just below these lines, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean basically works as a third party application within the iPhone. Yes, it needs it or yes connecting the housing made by Lee, as it allows you to skip the technical limitations of the iPhone.

Thanks to the Lee case has been able to get the iPhone run the executable code from third parties, which in this case was none other than Android. Lee said he was interested in getting this to work because he was tired of tribalism between iOS and Android, and it believes that users should also have the opportunity to choose between the two operating systems on the iPhone.

However, as they say in PhoneArena many illusions there should be no , since it seems unlikely that this case will reach the market in a short term period. And you, would you like to run Android on the iPhone or iOS prefer? I personally would not change it for the world iOS.

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