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Thursday, 23 June 2016

A control center deep look of iOS 10

When upgrading to iOS 10 users will find that the main screen of the control center, largely looks the same with a few adjustments. The music controls are completely eliminated and now can be found by sliding left panel. This change allows the main menu Control Center have a little more space.

In the top panel of the control center are five buttons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth mode, do not disturb and airplane mode. brightness slider also remains.

AirPlay button in the main view of the Control Center has been renamed to "AirPlay screen". (Airplay screen). By doing Tap it offers the option to reflect the iPhone or iPad screen on an Apple TV. The AirPlay audio controls have been completely removed, moved to the new view of music controls Control Center. The removal of controls music from the main view has allowed Apple night mode.

Finally, there is a bottom row of controls for flashlight, stopwatch, calculator and camera. All these have enabled Touch 3D technology for more advanced control options unique to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

If the control center screen to the left once the new view slides of the music controls is displayed. Once a file is played musical touches like the album cover, artist, song title and album title is. At the bottom, the control center has volume controls, plus an expandable menu to AirPlay. It is here that users can choose to play their music on an external device.

Finally, if it slides to the left, once again, in the control center, you can access the new panel HomeKit. By default, all HomeKit accessories remain connected and registered through an iCloud account. The control panel has HomeKit advanced options that are accessible through 3D Touch.

For now the first beta of iOS 10 is available only to developers.

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