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Thursday, 16 June 2016

A deeper about the new widgets look at iOS 10

In the new operating system for mobile device Apple (iOS 10), when pressed on the icon on the Home screen, not only shortcuts are shown to perform some action, but a widget with useful information is also displayed. For example, with the calendar, if a 3D touch the icon is done, the next events will show, among other things.

Perhaps one of the best uses of this new feature of the app for the Apple Watch activity. Your widget allows users to view their daily movement, exercise and other things, with all the data displayed from a single screen, like the weather widget manages to make a major application tasks without this being open apart .

Some widgets are essentially shortcuts, such as news headlines highlighting recent and lets you jump directly to them. In the same way a souvenir photo widget can be used to jump directly to a collection of photographs.

Widgets are essentially the same type that appear in the notification center iOS 9 or iOS lock screen 10 and in the search of Siri. This new functionality besides being comfortable and easy to use, can create your own widgets using the button "Add widget" making it easier to add content to the lock screen and Siri search.

By the time the functionality of widgets with 3D Touch is not available in third - party applications, probably because developers must update their applications to include widgets to work with 3D Touch. It is likely that third-party applications start using Touch 3D around when iOS 10 is officially released this year.

At the moment only is a beta available for developers iOS 10 with a new outlet in July to beta testers.

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