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Thursday, 30 June 2016

A man claims that invented the iPhone in 1992

9 years ago on a day like today, the first iPhone was launched. And to "commemorate" this special day for Apple, says a Florida man who invented the iPhone in 1992. Not content with this, he has sued Apple and demands compensation of 10 billion dollars and 1.5% the benefits of the company. And it stills so wide!

According to Thomas S. Ross, he had the idea of creating an "identical" to the iPhone device before the Cupertino company in 1992. The "visionary" wanted to demonstrate his prowess with a sketch of what appears to be the patent an electronic reading device. Well, it's just like the iPhone ... 😉

This kind of "mobile phone to read" (smartphones did not exist at that time) was patented in 1992, and the patent describes "a device specially designed to create an innovative combination of media and communication tools". A patent that he claims has been infringed by Apple in its iPhone, iPod, iPad and others.

But then ... Samsung is also guilty? 🙁

While Apple is a company known worldwide for its elegance, prestige and revolutionary ideas, attorney Thomas S. Ross says, "it has adopted a plan of theft of patents as research and development strategy" instead of designing and creating their own concepts.

The truth is that we must be very expensive to accuse the late Steve Jobs, a visionary who changed history with his revolutionary and innovative ideas not for money but to make the world a better place.

Finally, Mr. Ross's lawyer argued that his client has suffered greatly as a result of seeing "iPhone" (Really?) Everywhere. Something that has caused irreparable harm that can not be compensated or measured by money. While, yes, the man would be happy to collect their 10 billion, plus a "small" percentage of future sales of smartphones.

Anyway, it is better to take it with humor, and respect the thoughts of a man who, perhaps, believe strongly that the iPhone has been his creation. Although IMHO both devices are completely different ...

What to do…

Do you think the electronic device patent is similar to the iPhone? What do you think about this? Share your opinion from the Comments. Thank you!

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