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Thursday, 30 June 2016

A man marries his iPhone in Las Vegas

Did you think you had seen everything in this life? Well, today we bring you a story that will result, much less surprising. This is a man who recently married his iPhone in Las Vegas.

Yes, as you read it . Aaron Chervenak is one of the many boyfriends who once in his life has lived a quickie wedding in Las Vegas. It was last May 20 in the small chapel in Las Vegas when Chervenak decided to marry the love of her life: her iPhone.

The owner of the chapel, Michael Kelly, initially did not believe what he was asking Aaron, but eventually agreed to marry them. Kelly said that "we have many people who marry inanimate objects."

A wedding with the love of your life or a message to society?

On the other hand, Kelly said that what he was really doing was Chervenak send a message to society. We go to sleep and wake up with the smartphone on the table, spent almost 24 hours a day with him on top, is the first thing you look at in the morning ... no one could say it's like a marriage?

Obviously the wedding has not been recognized by the state of Nevada. In PhoneArena joke around and wonder if the bride (the iPhone) has taken the surname of her husband, where they have spent their honeymoon or if they plan to have children. Who knows if there are a few in a future iPod nano running around the house!

Chervenak said that "is not as emotional as married as a person, the emotional connection is totally different and marriage is symbolic, since by law can not marry an object." On the other hand, adds that the message remains: these devices have become incredibly valuable to many users, they can hardly live without it.

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