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Sunday, 26 June 2016

A mild tour which leaves Apple this week

This week, they have circulated lot of information regarding Apple about your hardware devices, software and online services. Passing the week, the technology giant provided us with a series of news that's sure more than one surprised.

Starting with one of the most outstanding news of the week, where the Cupertino company launched the first beta for developers of IOS 10 with the kernel uncoded, initially, referring to a mistake by the company itself.

According to many security experts, the distribution of iOS 10 with the core uncoded cause many programmers find more easily to exploit system vulnerabilities, causing the safety of users is impaired.

But still, Apple said that this was a deliberate measure to streamline the process of finding and repair system errors, except that the user data is not stored in the cache of the kernel, so it would not pose an increased risk of security.

On the side of the future Apple Watch, it is believed that the Cupertino company planning to replace anda clock OLED screens with each micro-LED technology. This new technology would make the screen smart watch consumes much less energy and therefore the battery life is extended. It is not yet known whether the micro-LED screens will be on the watch Apple in 2018, or even before.

Finally, it puts on veil Apple's ability to provide fairly stable updates, as in version 12.4.1 of iTunes, several users have reported that they had problems when playing music through Apple Music.

It seems that the problem is playing minor tracks to 60 seconds because when less than one minute song is about to end, not loaded buffer next issue, making iTunes does not pass play automatically next track.

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