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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A New Purchase Apple could bring Siri Mayor Evolution

In October 2015 , Apple bought VocalIQ , a company based in the UK, in order to improve Siri. In its day this purchase did nothing but feed the rumors and speculation about the possibility that Apple is focusing its efforts on improving the accuracy and efficiency of Siri, enhancing the natural language of the wizard.

Now, 8 months later they begin to see the first impressions of what the purpose and intent of the boys in Cupertino hidden behind the acquisition of VocalIQ. According to the latest report in the network, VocalIQ technology could greatly improve the accuracy rate and knowledge of certain criteria based on the search for Siri.

Meanwhile, VocalIQ had no opportunity to launch an application, much less before being bought, so the million dollar offer he received from Apple was an opportunity I could not refuse. But what is special about VocalIQ to have caught the attention of Apple to improve Siri?

Siri could become the most accurate and efficient assistant market

According to a reliable source close that spoke directly with Business Insider, before buying technology VocalIQ he had an impressive degree of accuracy of 90% when a number of difficulties and real - world testing exposed. It may be that 90% does not seem very important to the average user, but is a great difference to the accuracy rate of 20% attendance as Cortana, Ok Google and even Siri had come to get.

The report from Business Insider notes that the high rate of accuracy VocalIQ relates to the interpretation, detailed commands more complex. For example, if you want to do a search like "Italian restaurant with outdoor parking, WiFi connection suitable for children", which today Siri and other assistants often have trouble processing.

Some of the most notable features of VocalIQ is that it is able to remember contextual details about searches and previous commands. In addition, VocalIQ filter technology peripherals and environmental noise and works with great accuracy.

Anyway, you may purchase VocalIQ back several months would assume most Siri evolution that has suffered since coming to our lives. Who knows if at WWDC 2016 Apple out of doubts and presents some news related to the virtual voice assistant.

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