According to China, Apple infringed patents with design iPhone 6 -


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Saturday, 18 June 2016

According to China, Apple infringed patents with design iPhone 6

The IPO Beijing ruled that Apple in its iPhone models 6 e i Phone 6 Plus infringe the patent rights of other smartphone sold in China, mobile 100 c Shenzhen Baili, taunting Apple may have to completely cease sales your phone in Beijing.

The decision only affects Beijing at the moment, and Apple may still be able to sell iPhone models 6 models, while planning to appeal the ruling. The company says it will use various means to combat any possible ban of sales, such as the Beijing Higher People's Court or the Supreme Court.

Apple does not comment on the matter, but should appeal not only because of the possibility of losing sales in a big city, but also such a resolution could be applied elsewhere in China. The company has already filed a lawsuit to try to overturn the sentence and get everything back to normal.

Sometimes the country has shown a hard shell and set tough court battles patent and trademark against Apple. For example, this year the company lost exclusive rights to the name "iPhone" for that carry a line of leather handbags, and in 2012 had to pay $ 60 million to settle a dispute over the trademark "iPad" but this does not mean that the Cupertino company sometimes win lawsuits in the region.

The point might be moot case Baili end of 2016. The smartphone models 6 and 6 Plus have already largely been marginalized by Apple for the iPhone and iPhone 6s, and in this third quarter is expected that the company launch a new generation of devices that could leave behind in every way to the line of iPhone 6 models.

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