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Monday, 6 June 2016

Activate hidden emoticons on your iPhone

Generally users who have an iPhone, in their messages often use classic Emoji emoticons to express what they feel at the time and which are basically small icons of faces and other things. But before there was the "emoticons", people made them (and still do) through special keyboard characters. The latter are more complex to do, but if you want to have an extra variety of emoticons there is an extra set of them waiting in a hidden way in iOS.

Keep in mind that the keyboard emoticons in iOS is completely different from the standard Emoji keyboard in iOS, despite having similar names.

Activating additional emoticons in iOS:

  • Open the Settings application, go to "General" and finally go to "keyboard".
  • Select "Add new keyboard" and find the one that says "Japanese".

Select the "Romaji" option from the list Japanese keyboard (by the way, if you have not already, you must turn the Emoji keyboard while you're on the iOS keyboard settings).

Now go to an application such as Twitter or Notes and click on the icon "globe" to access the menu optional keyboard.

Select the text of Japanese characters, this changes the emoticon keyboard called Romaji.

Make tap an emoticon to write from the predictive menu, or click the arrow icon to access the huge variety of emoticons strings.

Remember back to tap the globe icon again to return to the default keyboard, otherwise you can have the Romaji keyboard as the new default. You can change this or any other configuration keyboard at any time just by tapping again on the icon of the globe and selecting the keyboard layout you prefer.

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