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Friday, 10 June 2016

Activating the Hidden Smileys on your keyboard

Recently we were talking about the fun new Emoji Unicode 9.0 that will arrive at the launch of iOS 10 to iPhone and iPad. Users can enjoy a variety of emoji, but before existed emoji emoticons.

The Smileys are small pictures formed with text (ASCII) rather more complex to create. Luckily, iOS hides a trick to activate the hidden emoticons keyboard.

Emoticons keyboard iOS is completely different emoji keyboard, even though they have similar names. Today we will teach you how to activate it in this tutorial.

Activating the keyboard hidden emoticons iPhone and iPad

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Go to General> Keyboard.

3. Select "Add new keyboard".

4. Look for the "Japanese" option.

5. Select "Romaji" in the list.

6. Now enter the Notes app (for example) and click on the globe button to access the menu of optional keyboards.

7. Make tap on the text of Japanese characters.

8. Click on any emoticon to insert it into the text.

9. You can click on the up arrow to access the full list of emoticons.

Some of emoticons are pretty funny, although there are some emoticons that really not much understand. That's all, remember to press again on the globe icon to return to normal keyboard.

Do you like these hidden emoticons iOS? Although the method to activate a little uncomfortable (having to access the Japanese keyboard each time) the truth is that these emoticons allow us to express another kind of feelings and emotions that the usual emoji can not. What do you think? Which of these hidden emoticons you prefer? (^. ^) _ /

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