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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

All 10 New Features in iOS

Last year Apple completely redesigned the internal structure of the Notes application to offer new features such as task lists, drawings, text formatting, cards, and the introduction of images and videos.

This year, with the launch of iOS 10 , he has had to turn to the Messages application, and incorporated many improvements. And, as I overtook, Apple has included many improvements in their native applications .

During the WWDC 2016 yesterday, June 13, Apple has introduced great innovations in messages: Giant emoji, stickers, visual effects bubbles chat, integration with the App Store, invisible messages, pictures and so on ... In this article will talk in depth about all the new features, and there is much to talk about, so we started.

iOS 10: All new Messages app

Of the 10 news about iOS 10 Apple introduced at WWDC, improvements in messages contain some of the most spectacular features. Then we take a look at all of them point by point.

enriched links

First, and this is one of the features that I personally have waited longer, we start with the rich links or "Rich Links" as he likes to call Craig Federighi. Now when you send a link messages iOS 10 a miniature video chat, web, photo, etc. appear At last!

giant emojis

Apple has included a small adjustment in the emoji that surely you'll love. If you send emoji no text in iOS 10 have a higher than normal, which are up to 3 times larger size.

Predictions emoji

iOS 10 allow users to significantly improve their "emojitificación" with the new emoji prediction function. Each of the emoji will be organized into different categories, so the iPhone and iPad Emoji can predict what you need in the words you use in a sentence. To insert each emoji, you only have to press on one of the highlighted words and to tap on iOS emoji suggesting 10.


Tapback is one of the simplest functions of messages in iOS 10, but also one of the most fun. Apple has added 6 new reactions (or likes) that can be added via a double tap on each message, image or video.


Additionally, application messages hilarious stickers will also feature in iOS 10 in the style of Facebook Messenger. The only difference is that the iOS stickers 10 may be included in each phrase, and even images. This development comes through the implementation of an App Store for exclusive messages, which offer users all kinds of apps.

Effects of messages

WWDC attendees hallucinated with the new effects of bubbles in iOS chat messages 10. Apple wanted to customize a bit the look of your messages, but not adding colors as everyone expected, but incorporating a set of animations to add effects to messages. Four options are available: Loud. Gentle, Slam and Invisible Ink.

invisible messages

As we advanced above, one of the new effects for "Chat Bubbles" or chat bubbles animation it is Invisible Ink. This option lets you send an invisible message that the recipient can decrypt a swipe on it. Ideal to give surprises!

Full screen effects

Along with the effects of bubbles in iOS chat messages 10 Apple include full screen effects, whose animations leave with their mouths open to friends and / or relatives.

digital Touch

IOS 10, the native application messages also include the fantastic Apple Digital Touch Apple Watch function. This feature lets you create a drawing (in a background in an image and even a video) that the receiver will see how it has been drawn line by line.

Camera preview

IOS 9 option, if you press on the camera button in the app Messages, appears "Take photo or record video." This will change in iOS 10, it is displayed directly as a preview of the camera, which will save much time. In addition, it has been redesigned and reorganized this menu interface to provide view more images at the same time.

Integrating App Store

Finally, Apple has included an App Store for messages where users can download applications to send GIFs, add stickers, mobile payments ... and a lot more likely through a "App Drawer".

Apple WWDC

We did not want to leave without prior include a video of the Apple WWDC conference from which you can enjoy all the innovations that the company introduced in iOS 10 TVOS 10 watchOS 3 and macOS Sierra.

Recall that the release of iOS 10 coming in July, shortly after the public beta, although it is already possible to download the beta version for developers thanks to the Beta Software Program Apple.

Which of these functions and features for iOS Posts 10 like best? Did you expect any other developments?

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