Among the resources iOS 10 "change data" so that would be implemented later discovered -


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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Among the resources iOS 10 "change data" so that would be implemented later discovered

iOS 10 has many new features that have been saying for development event WWDC this week and others that are well hidden in your code, but the latter, Apple has decided not to implement them in the first beta of the operating system mobile devices.

Thanks to iOS developer Andrew Wiik, we have no idea what might be included in a future iOS 10 beta, the "change data" in the Control Center.

A switch mobile data included in the iOS control center 10, which allow turn off or on mobile data directly from the control center iOS. The button is placed on the top row as a round icon next to airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, do not disturb feature and rotation lock. Currently, the icon of the function, but changes colors when activated.

Despite having incomplete development of functionality, so much so that Apple did not announce in the event of WWDC, it is not entirely inconceivable to assume that we could see this useful button to turn off or on data from the mobile in an upcoming beta 10 or an iOS iOS future 10.x

The functionality would be very useful as first, when you're flying, do not necessarily want to put the phone in airplane mode. Or, well, you can have the Bluetooth headphones do not work when airplane mode is active, which causes the mobile data are turned off.

Alternatively, you could turn off mobile data, leaving only activated Wi-Fi connection instead.

Currently, this option is available in the main menu in the application configuration, but dedicated switch in control center would be much more convenient and easier access for everyone.

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