Analysts confirm the integration of a haptic button start and output minijack connector on the iPhone 7

In today a team of analysts have confirmed a rumor unconfirmed spread on Monday this week about some reports suggest that the next iPhone 7 would include a start button with haptic feedback to simulate a click, using the same approach as does the Touch Force on the Apple Watch.

Once again, the latest rumors that appear on future smartphone appear to be stronger every day, as analyst firm Cowen and Company declared Business Insider that this new start button will be flush with the rest of the iPhone front 7. they also hope that the device does not include the classic analog minijack connector 3.5 mm headphone jack and resistance to water and dust, as previous rumors have suggested.

The idea of ​​a fully digital home button that is located flush with the front face of the smartphone was shown earlier this month by a blurred image in various web portals.

This was not the first time a rumor like this is present, since in April this year the story that the iPhone 7 will come equipped with a button-sensitive start to the touch and is compatible with the use of various gestures came touch to simulate different button presses to achieve multitasking only through the start button.

It would be a great idea to add this functionality to the iPhone 7 not only in hardware but also in terms of aesthetics, but it would be much appreciated put backlighting the start button as we are in the middle of 2016 and we have not seen major cosmetic changes since years in Apple's smartphone.

For now we must wait until September this year for the official launch of the iPhone 7 in conjunction with public iOS output 10 is done.
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