App Store to download apps that are larger than 100MB via cellular

News to know each other a little case, many people may not know this part of the "App Store to download apps that are larger than 100MB over cellular is now" in case anyone at home, no Wi-Fi but. Download apps, games The big files over 4G can do it comfortably.

Downloading apps larger than 100MB

Previously restricted them to download via Wi-Fi only, but this past (while ago it from someone inform him), it can be downloaded via cellular to 3G 4G has already tested the iOS 9 and. iOS 10 beta 1 is available as well. It is good for some, not Wi-Fi at home.

It is recommended to turn off the alarm and Auto Update Auto Download the app just because it might be a waste of your phone by using reason.

To close on

  • Settings> iTunes & App Store
  • Settings> iTunes & App Store.

It was also suggested that download apps over Wi-Fi could have been better not to squander your mobile 😀 because our app will update it at any time. No need to be updated at that time. (If necessary)

More updates Some of you notice that some apps have been downloaded some apps would not load. Also, try to download to see it. The result, however, was left below it.
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