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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Apple adds new accessibility features to its main products

During the event WWDC 2016, Apple has mentioned some accessibility improvements in their products. For example, specific optimizations accessibility for Apple Watch for people with mobility problems is included in watchOS 3, but in iOS 10 macOS Sierra, TVOS and watchOS 3 several other improvements are also included to help users with mobility problems, vision, hearing and learning.

On the one hand, iOS 10 has a new feature called accessibility magnifier that lets you use the camera as a magnifying glass with a custom user interface. The user interface magnifier gives you access to camera flash and the ability to lock the focus and take a still picture. You can also adjust the color filters to increase contrast for easier viewing.

In MacOS and iOS devices it is long an accessibility feature called Switch Control (Switch Control), which allows a user with mobility problems navigating the operating system using a single switch hardware.

New this year is the inclusion of the property in the Apple TV with the new version of TVOS. Integrating role in Apple TV will offer two options: a cursor to select items on the screen as iOS and MacOS, or optionally, an online version of Siri command.

Another new accessibility feature that Apple has added this year is through Dwell Control, which brings support macOS, for hardware that uses a headband or for eye movement to track the movements of users with motor problems.

This allows to control the mouse and other actions through gestures, offering the possibility to people to have a more effective interaction with their environment.

On the other hand Apple has implemented improvements in its products for those who suffer from color blindness, as this year has been expanded in iOS, MacOS, and TVOS color adjustments, including the addition of the ability to dye the entire screen to a certain color.

Finally it should be noted that the Cupertino company made additional improvements to the Apple Watch for people with motor disabilities who are mobilized by a wheelchair accessibility improvements for the deaf and people with dyslexia in iOS 10.

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