Apple conducted a survey among staff about the need to make their products more affordable

Apple asked its employees to vote for one of 20 different "social topics, from the use of technology and even" increasing environmental sustainability to expand opportunities for older persons ". One of these projects is offered to make products more affordable to consumers company.

"Our issues are the overall result of the cooperation, innovation and enthusiasm. They consist of detailed intentions and support of ideas. Each reflects our conviction that we can make a better world ".

In the Apple internal document it says the vote will determine which projects should pay more attention to how to develop and test. At first glance, it seems like all 20 tracks, but there are some specifics.

One theme is: "Making Apple products available for people who can not imagine their permit."

Employees of the company proposed three possible options:

  • Send works to be recovered from Apple recantation or social organizations products.
  • Offer consumers the opportunity to donate their devices for the benefit of those in need.
  • Expand Trade Up program, to sacrifice some devices for schools.

Now Apple is already compatible with some schools and the organization of free delivery, reduced prices or equipment.
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