Apple confirms that the use of the differential is optional privacy -


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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Apple confirms that the use of the differential is optional privacy

Both iOS and Mac platforms 10 Sierra used a new technology called differential privacy, which involves collecting data from a large number of users without compromising security and privacy of each. It is now known that this new feature Apple is only activated if you Upon request, meaning that the company does not collect data for their more "intelligent" services unless you leave.

The use of differential privacy will serve to collect some user data to improve the AI ​​of the services provided by Apple.

The Cupertino company also clarified that it is not collecting user data in the photos stored in iCloud accounts to improve the AI ​​behind her facial recognition instead of this, they use other data set to train its algorithms. That is why indexing Photo happens separately in each device (Mac, iPhone and iPad) and facial recognition data / object are not synchronized. Craig Federighi this month used an example in which Apple can recognize different objects on their own without using customer photos.

Therefore, the differential privacy is a relatively new technique and very little proven that has not been used to drive Apple services before iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

In addition, the company reiterated that the differential privacy will be limited to the following four specific use cases:

  • New words that users add to their local dictionaries.
  • Emojis user-written so Apple may suggest replacements emoji.
  • Deep links used within applications, provided that public este'n marked for indexing.
  • See notes.

Privacy differential start when iOS Sierra macOS 10 and are released to the public in September this year.

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