Apple could have a new supplier of OLED displays for future iPhone -


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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Apple could have a new supplier of OLED displays for future iPhone

Is expected to Cupertino company make a great aesthetic and hardware to future versions of the iPhone change, starting with the replacement of the LCD by those based on technology OLED screens.

While Samsung and LG are leading manufacturers of OLED displays, there would be a third-party provider that would be of interest to the Cupertino company to avoid supply problems for the production of future smartphone. While Samsung and LG currently manufacture most of the world OLED screens, it seems that Sharp plans to join the business and expects to buy up much of the market "by 2018 '.

For this reason, it is very likely that the company Sharp is a third supplier for the following versions of the iPhone. While it is not yet clear whether Apple plans to include OLED displays for all iPhone models or only for some, the company has already shown signs of having the idea of ​​integrating OLED technology for future iterations of the smartphone, either "iPhone 8" 2017 or later.

The Cupertino company has been moving into new display technologies that enable better energy performance and therefore a notable in the battery life of their devices increase. With the OLED technology on the screens of Apple devices, such an objective would be fulfilled.

At the moment the only device that uses an OLED display is the Apple Watch, but by Apple already planning to walk a shift towards micro-LED technology in smart watches.

Finally, there seems to be indications that the Cupertino company uses OLED displays on the iPhone 7 would be released in September this year as major changes would come from 2018 with the arrival of a new version of the smartphone.

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