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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Apple could update their iPhone Main Every 3 Years

Probably in the next few years, we see a lot of new iPhone models. However, major updates may take up to 3 years to reach.

Many people do not like to wait two years for large updates iPhone, but could be even worse. As indicated by a Japanese web, Apple used a cycle of 3 years to improve its smartphones.

It is precisely for this reason that the design of the iPhone 7 is so similar to its predecessors.

The iPhone update cycle could change

The second Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, meant a great improvement over the original smartphone that came just a year earlier. But since then, the biggest updates have only come every two years. In between, the "S" models have appeared on the scene with new components and same design.

This year, after the launch of iPhone and iPhone 6s, we should see a big change in the iPhone 7. However, it seems that its design will be identical to previous models. Although you may model iPhone 7 Plus surprised many by implementing a system of dual - lens camera, 256GB of storage and 3GB of RAM.

As for the iPhone 8, come 3 years after iPhone 6, Apple could integrate new materials such as glass on the back of the housing, and an OLED display manufactured by Samsung. This really would be a major change in design over previous models.

From Nikkei , a Japanese website, they say we should start getting used to that big updates take up to 3 years to reach the market due to the small margin of improvement that Apple has every year, something we talked a few days ago in this article .

Possibly the new iPhone 7 come next to the dual chamber, water resistance and improved battery capacity. Interestingly, the new device could also be able to create more complex tactile vibrations on the screen.

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