Apple explains why the kernel of IOS 10 is not encrypted

During yesterday we echoed the kernel of IOS 10 is fully decrypted, a fact that had not happened so far in any other version of iOS.

Well, before the commotion caused by whether it was a mistake that compromised the security and privacy of its users, Apple has come to the fore to confirm that this is an entirely deliberate act.

"E l kernel cache contains no user information. Without encrypting we can optimize operating system performance without compromising security. "

In this way, Apple wants to make it clear that keeping the kernel of IOS 10 decrypted not be counterproductive, but rather the opposite, since it will be possible thanks to optimize performance without safety being compromised.

On the other hand, with this movement developers will be able to discover flaws and security holes more easily, which in a way will help iOS 10 is kept safe and stable.
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