Apple fans criticized the changes in the new MacBook Pro 2016 -


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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Apple fans criticized the changes in the new MacBook Pro 2016

At year's end, Apple is serious upgrade its range of MacBook Pro, receiving more than a slim body and a new OLED touch bar on the keyboard, fingerprint scanner and USB-C connectors. Informants revealed this week for the first time "spyware" Photos novelty housing.

Published the photographs show the keyboard housing MacBook Pro with superior absent beside the function keys, instead of that, judging by everything really use OLED touch the bar. Besides images allow you to see two USB-C port 3.5 mm audio connector on the left end of the casing of a laptop and two more of these USB-C port on its right end. This device does not have SD card slot.

Despite the enthusiasm of the experts, many users have negatively perceived future changes in the line MacBook Pro. The main complaint of the resignation of model USB connector for the USB-C. Although the new models of professional connector rule will be in three over 12-inch MacBook Pro, with no other ports, including USB standard is not expected.

"USB-C has not yet received wide distribution and is the main factor that plays against the new series of MacBook Pro, - says james wing. - There are a lot of peripherals that are not compatible with the new standard. "

Wing James is not the only owner of a MacBook Pro, dissatisfaction with the resignation of standard interface connectors: most users consider that the transition to USB-C premature. "A single USB-Con - this is stupid," wrote Twitter user eric Sic. - A user does not want to bother with a network adapter and adapters. "

Buy a USB-C / USB adapter, for 1300 rubles, but if the user wants to make a laptop that is more functional, you have to pay for digital multiport USB-C adapter. Yes, that lets you connect your MacBook device with USB, HDMI connector, the monitor and the cable to charge, but costs 5500 rbl. Very ambiguous solution seems to be to the resignation of the MagSafe power port, спасшего the lives of many thousands of Apple laptops.

Some unhappy with the fact that in the new MacBook Pro thinner keyboard mechanism "Butterfly" will be used fans. They do not share the opinion of Apple, which states that an innovative technology that provides clearer and more stable clicking anywhere on the keys. "We do not need the key butterfly, and ideally we Keyboard" writes on Facebook joseph abraham cervantes of inns.

The idea with the replacement of the touch function keys OLED screen has also gladdened much, not all. Press the virtual keys without tactile feedback is not as comfortable as mechanical. Yes, there will be the possibility of reallocating the keys, at its discretion, but that possibility exists and, now, thanks to third parties.

Previously, rumors pointed to Apple will launch fully redesigned 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro in the thin and light casing with OLED display panel on the keyboard and fingerprint scanner. If we are to believe KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the predictions regarding Apple have the ability to become a reality, the new MacBook Pro will come out in the last quarter of this year.

Of course, not all criticize the changes in the design of the new MacBook Pro. And what you think about the new "прошек"? He did not quickly schedule if Apple USB-C?

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