Apple has confirmed the tightness of future iPhone -


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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Apple has confirmed the tightness of future iPhone

Apparently, in the near future iPhone users may, without any fear down underwater devices. Apple has registered a patent that describes the technology of production fully водозащищенных screens. It is дисплейной bar manufactured by the OLEDs.

Reportedly, Apple next year and enter into organic LED technology on the iPhone. The company says the technology manufacturing OLED screens tend to resist evil with water. In addition, the liquid can penetrate the screen through the pressure-sensitive layer by clicking on it edges.

In the document Apple offers OLED production technology, which will be completely waterproof. Therefore, it receives a proof that the company will launch a waterproof smartphone.

Of course, by remaining before departure time iPhone, Apple could change its plans and revise the design of smartphones. But the commitment of the company to ensure complete sealing of rescue devices.

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