Apple has obtained permission for the opening of the Apple Store in India -


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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Apple has obtained permission for the opening of the Apple Store in India

It is hard to imagine images of store brand Apple, which, in addition to an iPhone or iPad, on the shelves of a lot less were mobile devices from other manufacturers, and in the corner were packing tea and fruit mountains. However, if it is a south and a hot country like India, where the population is 1.25 million people, only slightly behind China, is a bit of reality.

As IT-weekly reports until the present time in India was not a single mark of the Apple store. Ларчик simply opens: the law of the country makes it compulsory for the presence in assortment store less than 30% of production, producing your own country. Therefore, in any part of the Apple store they should be submitted to the Indian mobile devices.

In fact, it is Chinese, smartphones, collected in India. There is another option to use the iPhone and other Apple devices 30% of the components having Indian origin. And the first, and the second is that you can not. And it is very offensive to Apple, because in the last quarter for the first time in the volume of iPhone sales have declined. The availability of assets sales in India could, perhaps, to stop negative processes.

However, due to the relatively low purchasing power of the population of India, the main demand probably enjoy in this country recovered the iPhone (sometimes contempt, called "e-waste"). According to Gartner, increased demand in India use smartphones $ 120 and following, and officially the new hotel worth $ 400 iPhone. But even in this situation, sales of Apple smartphones have grown in India during the last quarter of 56%.

Personal arrival of heads of Apple, Tim Cook, in India, initially was not послаблениям for Apple. Indians, ministers proposed solution is to sell Apple stores in India, well, something, anything, but local production. For example, fruits or Indian tea. Would this be for Apple stores are pretty exotic.

However, the other day it is known that the issue still unresolved: Indian authorities have released the company with the owners of this rule. But only three years.

It is not excluded that in the position of the authorities of India has influenced the fact that Apple opened in May this year of the new office in hyderabad (india), which maps to Apple products will be generated, including the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook air and Apple Watch. This will create up to 4,000 new jobs.

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