Apple include AMD chips instead of Nvidia on your next computer -


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Monday, 6 June 2016

Apple include AMD chips instead of Nvidia on your next computer

It seemed that Nvidia would be part of the suppliers of the next generation of Apple computers, but this will not happen because AMD won the tug of war with its new chip, Polaris.

For a time, it was believed that Nvidia would have an important role in the development of the next generation of desktop and portable Apple regarding the integration of more powerful graphics, but apparently not, as AMD would have won the pulseada. Fudzilla sources have confirmed that AMD, to be more precise, its Radeon technology group, won another round of updates from Apple.

The MacBook Pro would come with the integration of the Polaris GPU AMD, this is probably because Polaris 11 is the smallest of the two chips (AMD and Nvidia), apart from being very thin. This helps Apple to create thinner and lighter notebooks. There may be some MacBooks models where the architecture of Polaris would be included.

The new iMac also include the Polaris chip that would give more power to computers graphic graphics designers and also rumor of a possible update of Mac Pro hardware will be more than welcome. If this becomes 100% accurate, you can also enjoy the AMD Fire Pro technology with the arrival of the next generation of graphics.

Any Mac that does not come with Intel integrated graphics feature AMD / RTG-based Polaris internal GPU technology. Since Apple sells a lot of its teams, this is good news for AMD / RTG and not so Nvidia.

It is not yet known why Apple opts for AMD instead of Nvidia, but is more than clear that come winds of change (hopefully for good) for the next updates of desktops and laptops from Apple.

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