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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Apple iPhone transfer production in Russia?

IPhone smartphones meet in China and it is believed that for this reason, Apple saves "money." But if this is so? What changes, if the US electronics giant computer decides to change its production, for example, in one of the countries of Europe or Russia?

Apple home regularly criticized for the fact that it produces "more American product" in China. More recently, steve jobs, had to answer the awkward question of Barack Obama, the then presidential candidate Donald Trump said if he will take the chair of the White House, it will force Apple "collect your damn teams in this country". But if the company can transfer production from China - although in the united states, although in Russia? And if this will have economic sense?

The assembly is not production?

IPhone smartphones now meet in seven factories, of which six are in China and one in Brazil. Actually, when it comes to "do" or "produce" are taken into account precisely "collect spare parts, as a designer."

According to IHS, the components of the iPhone 6s Plus, the price in the United States is of the order of $ 750, the cost is only $ 230 US. And iPhone SE components worth only $ 156, while the selling price in the US is $ 399.

In addition the assembly of gadgets, ie, "the production of iPhone" according to the analysis of IHS, with a cost of $ 4 US. Well, or take bolder, rating is 10 dollars. This figure called jason Дедрик, professor at the School of examining the information Syracuse University in the United States. In his opinion, the transfer of production of the iPhone in the United States would make assembly more expensive between 30 and 40 dollars, and not so much at the expense of the more expensive of the labor force, but by changes in logistics delivery of components. We know that work in assembling the iPhone in China receive about the same amount, on average, the people of Russia in the "work" of positions. This means that the transfer of production in Russia would удорожил iPhone 30 dollars at most.

Bonds russia, in the case of migration is purely hypothetical - would be fantastic. Although Apple and says that everything in the factories of its partners employed 1.6 million people, and all, actually, iPhone, responds to "a small part" of this issue, but since "крошечность" is based on the comparison. In one factory on assembly iPhone 50,000 people work.

The number of new jobs for Russia looks very promising. Our country could find so many new jobs, the issue of private - and this is one of the reasons why Apple keeps all production in China. There, as already explained before Барку obama steve jobs, is the culture of production of electronics, many plants and a lot of skilled labor.

But Apple makes no economic sense to transport the assembly of smartphones anywhere, even in the United States, that it so they want local politicians. In fact, the US authorities there is also little reason to insist on this economic migration and the effect is not as great as it seems from afar.

You can organize production of "spare parts" in Russia?

Apple only has 766 suppliers, who in one way or another involved in the creation of all its products. 346 of them work in China, 126 in Japan, 69 in the United States, 41 in Taiwan, and the rest are scattered around the world. There and in almost all countries in Western Europe (excluding Spain and Portugal), as well as in Russia. In our country, Apple buys precious, rare earth elements and non-ferrous metals for their mobile devices and computers.

In California, the giant works at least since 11 Russian plants suppliers. Gold used to cover the contacts on Apple devices sold eight of them. In particular, Novosibirsk аффинажный of the plant, the plant processing non-ferrous metals, the society "Уралэлектромедь" the Пышмы top of the sverdlovsk, the plant processing special alloys and others. Stavropol plant of the "glass house" provides for Apple sapphire crystal, used in the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

Therefore, only they destroyed two myths: that the iPhone is completely made in China, and the production of a particular smartphone can be set within the same country, even if it is as big as the Chinese People's Republic.

More precisely, if you look at specific parts of the iPhone, it is purely theoretical plant, its producers, it can be placed in almost any country in the world. Simply because technology changes so quickly that the team should seriously change or update once every few years. What is the difference, where the car "machines" and that China or Russia? Yes, and the cost of the labor force, which is to work, compared with the price of obsolete technologies.

However, the factor of "brains" - many of the parts of iPhone invented and produced in China and no desire to leave the Middle Kingdom or any other country, its creators say no. As the saying goes, where he was born there and has served much he says.

In addition, as already mentioned above, the recognition of Apple, in 766 companies partners work of 1.6 million people in Spain, it will be difficult to find a lot of work.

If to consider "force" the migration of production of all suppliers and partners of Apple in any large country, for example, the United States, on the assessment of researchers from the University of Syracuse, which would result in 230 to $ 330 - higher for the iPhone, about $ 100 US prices.

A hundred dollars is precisely "the reduction of globalization and why the centralized production complex things in a country, whether of Russia or China, you need to forget forever.

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